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  • The international freight air transportation to Japan
The international freight air transportation to Japan
  • The international freight air transportation to Japan

The international freight air transportation to Japan

Japan has developed economy, the second for the sizes, in the world. It enters "The big seven" — the international club which members coordinate approaches to actual international problems.

International transportations from Japan

Japan takes the third place in the world on volumes of the automotive industry and the first in branch of production of electronic goods. In recent years the competition from China increases and South Korea. For strengthening of competitive advantages of the company of the country concentrated on production of hi-tech and high-precision goods (optical tools, hybrid vehicles, robots, etc.). The most industrially developed regions in which container transportations are carried out from Japan are Kanto and Kansai.

To specify details of delivery of freight from Japan

In 2014 in connection with a difficult economic situation in Ukraine transportations from Japan were reduced by 37%, and to Japan — for 54% in comparison with 2013.

Ukraine traditionally delivers raw materials to the land of the rising sun: whey, natural honey, corn, vegetable oil, minerals, ferrosilikomarganets, aluminum alloys, raw titan. The corn makes over 70% of total exports.

The main articles of cargo delivery from Japan to Ukraine: a mackerel, oil products, production of chemical industry, polymers covered with a kaolin paper, cellulose threads, cotton wool textile also dust, pipes boring and from stainless steel, not alloyed nickel, heating coppers, engines, pumps, centrifuges, self-propelled loaders, bulldozers, tractors, cars, motorcycles, bearings, transformers, the railway equipment, electric equipment, semiconductor photosensitive devices, electronic integrated circuits, fiber-optical cables, knitted cars, the printing equipment, computers and accessories, digital cameras, the equipment for ultrasonography and MRT, computer tomographs, medical tools, tapes for typewriters, personal hygiene means swelled.

In Japan the most modern and advanced transport in the world. In the country 89 airports function. The main international air transportation of freights to Ukraine are carried out from Japan at the main airports: Narita, Kansai and Tyubu.

Japan — the island state therefore possesses the developed system of seaports. In total ports more than 994, are distinguished from them 5 "super" - the ports processing sea container transportations from Japan: Yokkaichi, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kobe and Osaka. Besides them, the international container transport carries out 23 large and 125th important ports from Japan.

KIY AVIA KARGO transports any kinds of goods from Japan in any point of Ukraine. For delivery of easy electronics we recommend to use air transport, and in case of transportation of heavy production of mechanical engineering — sea container transportations. By plane freight is delivered to Ukraine within 5-7 days, and a sea vessel — from 26 to 30 days. For calculations of cost of a cargo transportation we recommend to use a form of inquiry of a tariff.

Information is up-to-date: 07.03.2017

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